3M are a world-renowned leader in the meetings and presentation technology and have a wide range of products to address the market. Following are the products we offer from 3M: Pocket Projectors, Digital Projectors and Privacy Screen Protectors for Laptops, Tablets and Monitors.

More Info: www.3m.com


Grandview is the leader in the Projection Screen market place and we carry a wide range of Screens for Digital Entertainment, Corporate & Home Applications.

More Info: www.grandviewscreen.com


IRIS is the leading company providing OCR scanning devices and Software for enterprise and SOHO markets.

More Info: www.irislink.com


AIPTEK is the market leader for smart phone projection technology. We carry a full range of projectors for Apple, Android and other smart phones. We also carry micro or pocket projectors for general use.

More Info: www.aiptek.com


Vehicle GPS Tracking devices and Fleet Vigil management software.

More Info: www.aryaomnitalk.com


Ultra-D™ is a proprietary combination of hardware and software working in perfect sync to create the world’s most natural, comfortable and immersive Glasses-Free 3D viewing experience.  Resulting from years of research and development in the field of 3D optics, multi-view rendering and content development solutions, Ultra-D solves the two biggest limitations of the market’s current 3D technology: the need to wear special glasses and the scarcity of 3D content.

More Info: www.ultra-d.com

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